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(NS Flag -- Reduced)
Nova Scotia Classic Rock


Peter Fraser: Keyboards
Donnie Hann: Bass
Blaine Murphy: Guitar
Helene Bolduc: Vocals
Andy Davis: Drums
Steve Annan: Guitar (Replaced Murphy)
Dave Skinner: Drums (Replaced Davis)
Real Pelletier: Vocals
Harold Tsistinas: Sax
George Wilson: Trumpet
Dave Miller: Trumpet

   Based in Halifax in the early 70's. Band recorded English and French versions of album with the same basic tracks but different lyrics. Oddly, English version had superior production. Album consisted of band originals and Floyd King song "Back To Yesterday".Band was reduced to a sextet with elimination of horn section. Other changes included Annan replacing Murphy and Skinner replacing Davis.

   Annan went on to play in Newfoundland's "Wonderful Grand Band" and then teamed up with ex-Seadog keyboardist, Doug Varty in the band "Stutz". Bolduc joined "Sun Machine" which became Sam Moon's band and recorded solo single "Tell Me You Lied/Take It From Me" in the mid 80's which were written by New Glasgow doctor Lorne Marsh. Hann was a founding member of the Minglewood Band. Skinner went on to drum in the Mason-Chapman Band. Harold Tsistinas went on to be the recording engineer at Solar Audio Studios. Dave Miller went on to own Inter Media Sevices, a mobile recording studio and own his own music store.



    1973 Darlin'/Back In Yesterday (Columbia)

    1973 Ma Promesse/Souvenirs (Columbia)


    1973 Rainbows, Dreams and Fantasies (Columbia)

    1973 La Difference (Columbia)

 Info From Shelley Miller

Courtesy Of Real Pelletier

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