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Welcome to the Home of
Classic Rock Bands of Nova Scotia, Canada

This site is dedicated to those rock groups that have played our
schools, universities, arenas, community halls, legions, clubs
and bars, and were a large part of our lives as we were
growing up in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

Requirements for Inclusion

Recording Acts:

Must have recorded a single, extended play,
or an album, or appeared on a compilation.

   Cover Bands:

Must have played at least one gig
at a public or private venue.

Additions, corrections, and photos are
most welcomed and appreciated.



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    Appreciation goes to Jaimie Vernon, sitemaster of the Canadian Music Encyclopedia (CME) for his blessing of linking to his website, and to Anne Oakley for her contributions.

    Special thanks to my friend and partner in this project, Jim Rice for all the information he provided and the proof-reading he has done.

    Thanks also to Richard Bonner for letting us access his archives and the wealth of information in his head, and for his help revamping this website. Finally, appreciation is given to Rick Walker for his research and additional proof-reading work.

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