Water Street Blues Band

Water Street logo

Courtesy of Jim Rice

Notice how logo is the same upside down.

Band Members:

Mark DesJardins                             Lead Guitar

Morrow Scott-Brown                       Bass

Ian O'Donnell                                   Drums

Glen Wenham                                   Guitar

Bill Briand                                         Vocals, Harp 

Other Members:

Joe Murphy                                      Vocals, Harp, Accordian

Carson Downey                                Guitar

Seymour Grant                                 Guitar

Pat Kilbride                                      Bass

Eric Allen                                          Piano



When Mark DesJardins left Titan in 1979, he formed a rock band called "Twister" with Steve Higney (vocal), Morrow Scot-Brown (bass), Ian O'Donnell (drums) and Glen Wenham (guitar).  When Steve Higney left, Mark brought his friend Bill Briand, a blues singer/harp player into the band. The band became a blues band so Mark changed the band's name to "The Water Street Blues Band".  They toured the maritimes until Mark left for Toronto in 1980 to join Dana Westall (former Titan bass player) in a band he was in.  

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7" 33 1/3rpm

1982 Joe Murphy and the Waterstreet Blues Band (Shake Records)

Side A: Can I Change My Mind / Can't Be Satisfied
Side B: Rocket 88 / Drowning on Dry Land

Courtesy Of Jim Rice

Info From Mark DesJardins, Jim Rice