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(NS Flag -- Reduced)
Nova Scotia Classic Rock

The Universal Power

Sam Moon: Lead Vocals
Matt Minglewood: Organ, Guitar, Vocals
Rufus Drake: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Joey Bennett: Sax, Congas, Fiddle
Jinx O'Neil: Bass, Vocals
Diago Gunn: Drums
Albert Resk: Drums (Replaced Gunn)
James Malcolm: Drums, Piano, Vocals (Replaced Resk)
Paul Dunn: Keyboards (Replaced Bennett)
Tony Quinn: Guitar, Vocals

   The full name of the band was "Sam Moon, Matt Minglewood And The Universal Power".


Courtesy of Vic Goldman

Courtesy Of Vic Goldman

Courtesy Of Sam Moon

Courtesy Of Matt Minglewood

Back Row: Jinx O'Neil, Matt Minglewood, Sam Moon

Front Row: Rufus Drake, Al Resk, Joey Bennett

Courtesy Of Ronald Brown


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