Became Known as JUNK

Bobby Fisher                      Drums
Dave Moore                       Lead Vocals
Terry Hatty                        Lead Vocals (Replaced Moore)
Tony Argent                       Guitar
Peter Kindred                     Bass
Neil Chambers                   Organ
Neil MacKinnon                 Organ (Replaced Chambers)
George Antoniak                Guitar (Replaced Argent)
Jimmy Malcolm                  Piano (Joined for short period)
Tony Smith                         Lead Vocals (Replaced Hatty)
Frank MacKay                   Lead Vocals (Replaced Smith)

The band was formed by drummer Bobby Fisher after the break up of "The Bana Fox Blues Band".

Dave Moore unfortunately drowned in an accident and he was replaced by Terry Hatty (Storm).

The band focused on original material written by Fisher and Hatty which would be categorized as progressive rock. After their management was taken over by Victor Goldman the band started playing more cover tunes (Approx. 60% for a typical gig) and their popularity improved greatly.

Artistic tensions caused line-up change with Argent replaced by George Antoniak and Hatty replaced by Saint John N.B. singer Tony Smith. When Smith left the group, Frank MacKay (The Lincolns, Soma), who was available because of the break up of "Soma", joined. For a new start the band then moved out to the village of Indian Point, changed it's name to "JUNK" and continued to write music.

When Antoniak left late in the summer of 1972, Fisher, Kindred and MacKinnon went to New York to find a new guitar player. Unfortunately they didn't find one and the band broke up upon their return to Nova Scotia.

Info from Neil MacKinnon





Courtesy Of Diane Porter (Nee Stuart)

Starting in left corner going clockwise:

Peter Kindred, Neil MacKinnon, Frank MacKay,????? ????,

Mark Fisher (Roadie) George Antoniak, Bobby Fisher