David James                                Drums
Donnie Fairfax                             Lead Vocals
Scott Rogers                                 Lead Guitar Vocals
Gary Farmer                                Trumpet
Steve Jordan                                Organ
Fred Gerrior                                 Bass
John Roy                                      Trombone
Lesley Altt                                     Sax, Flute
John O'Toole                                Sax

Other Members:

Danny Bowers                                Bass
Wayne Baker                                 Trumpet
Gordon Myers                                Trombone
Mike Barret                                    Guitar
John Geddes                                   Rhythm Guitar
Doug Davidson                               Lead Guitar
Steve Price                                      Lead Vocals
Mike Prest                                      Keyboards, Vocals
Byron Bezanson                              Keyboards (Replaced Prest 1981)
John Alphonse                                Drums
Peter Cox                                        Lead Vocals
Terry Knox                                     Bass
Terry Mosher                                 Drums
Charlie Cooley                               Drums
Brent Bezanson                              Drums
Bruce Murray                                Drums
Terry Loppie                                  Drums
Steve Gaetz                                    Drums
John Hollis                                     Sax
Margaret Moore                            Lead Vocals
Mike Oliver                                    Lead Vocals
Bruce Phillips                                 Bass
Al Hoyt                                           Trumpet
Mike Jackson                                 Keyboards
Dave Goyetche                               Lead Vocals
Mike Cummings                             Bass
Bill Mahar                                     Trumpet (1980-82)
Brian Crocker                                Baritone Sax
Yvon Muse                                      Trumpet
Brigham Phillips                             Trumpet (1977-79)
Bruce Phillips                                 Trombone, Guitar
Danny Martin                                 Trombone
Otis D. Sideman                              Saxes, Flute

In the early 1970’s drummer Dave James rehearsed material by Chicago, Ides Of March and Lighthouse with a large group of musicians. A couple of one-off gigs were played under the name of “Clodure” (Dave James (Drums), Paul MacDonald (Bass), Jim Rice (Guitar), Gordie Neal (Vocals), Dave Marshall (Sax), Leslie Allt (Sax, Flute), John Roy (Trombone) and Hal Beckett (Trumpet)) at a J.L Ilsley High School variety show and using the name “Tail” (Dave James (Drums), Eric LeBlanc (Bass), Jim Rice (Guitar), Leslie Allt (Sax, Flute) and John Roy (Trombone, Piano)) for a gig at a junior high grad. Out of these gigs the original “Track” was born in the fall of 1972.

At this time most of the members were in their last year of high school. They played the junior high school circuit through the winter of 1973 and spent the summer playing the Shore Club in Hubbards, Saint Mary’s Boat Club, The Waegwaltic Club amongst other places. They covered a lot of material by Chicago. The band broke-up at the end of the summer as several members were heading off to university.

Dave James resurrected the band and led it until he left for Humber College in Toronto in 1975. Eventually guitarist Doug Davison assumed leadership of the band and led it until the band broke-up in the mid 1980’s.