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Nova Scotia Classic Rock

Terry Edmunds

   The "Wildchild" is a blues-rock guitarist, vocalist from Cape Breton who joined the "Minglewood Band" in May of 1975 at the age of 17. A couple of months later they recorded their first album (The Red Album). After departing the band in November, 1977 he formed the Dartmouth based band "The Ravioli Brothers" where he was given the moniker "Wildchild" at a gig at the Red Lion Beverage Room. Rejoined the "Minglewood Band"in 1978 for the second album and in 1979 formed his own band: "The Wildchild Blues Band" with John Lee (Oakley) on keyboards, Greg "Phisch" Fancy (Horse, Dutch Mason Blues Band) on bass and Truro musicians drummer Bill MacLeod and harp player Jeff Baker. Joined the "Dutch Mason Blues Band" in 1980 for a 4 year stint. Recorded an EP in 1984 at Solar Audio in Dartmouth with Minglewood bassist Donnie Hann and Dartmouth drummer Don Chapman containing a cover of the Stone's "Gimme Shelter"which was a live favorite.

   Moved to BC in 1986 where he gigged the local clubs and ran a blues jam on the Vancouver waterfront for a number of years. Released the album "Givin' it Back" which was recorded at the Yale nightclub. Later, Terry worked the Ontario Blues Circuit out of Hamilton for a number of years, before returning to home province NS in 2014.

   Now based out of Halifax, Terry plays with various sidemen including bassists Donn Hann and Pat Riley, drummers Doug MacKay and Al Resk and several others.

   Written from notes from: Kevin MacInnis, Terry Edmunds and Bruce Hodgson



     1985 Terry Edmunds (Unity Gain Records)


     1998 Givin'It Back (Independent)

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