Sun Machine

Courtesy of Richard Bonner

Skip Yorke                            Vocals, Bandleader
Gary Hiltz                              Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ken Kerr                                Bass
Wayne Whynot                      Rhythm Guitar
Don Ledger                            Trumpet
Gary Bowers                          Lead Vocals
Neil MacKinnon                     Keyboards, Vocals (1972, 1979)
Blaine Jollimore                      Saxes, Flute
Daryl Davey                            Drums, Vocals
Earl MacKenzie                      Bass, Vocals
Helene Bolduc                         Lead Vocals (Ex ZYLAN)
David Moise                            Sax, Flute, Harp
Jesse Antoine                          Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Robert Sanford                       Trombone
Real Pelletier                          Lead Vocals
Matt Ponce                             Trumpet
Mike Andrusyk                       Bass
Dave Snyder                            Bass
Ian MacMillan                         Drums (Replaced Davey)
Gordie Munro                          Vocals, Congas, Percussion
Bob Buncick                            Saxes
Sherry Dupree                         Vocals
Geoff Waddington                   Bass
Dave Ward                              Saxes
Roy Momson                           Keyboards (Ex HI OCTANE)
Mike Collins                            Keyboards
Donnie Chapman                     Drums (Replaced MacMillan)
John Alphonse                         Drums (Replaced Chapman)
Don Denny                               Keyboards, Vocals
Kevin Brewer                          Drums, Lead Vocals
Robert D'Eon                          Bass
David Clowe                            Lead Vocals, Guitar
Danny Roy                               Lead Vocals
Brett Bezanson                        Drums
Kevin Obritsch                        Bass


Formed in 1972 Sun Machine was held together by lead guitarist Gary Hiltz while several players passed through the band. The band eventually became Sam Moon's Universal Power which recorded Sam's "New Moon" album in 1982. Sun Machine recorded an album that was never released.