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Nova Scotia Classic Rock

Simon Tell

Todd Harrie: Lead Vocals, Bass
Tom Bona: Drums, Vocals
Guy LeBlanc: Keyboards
Scott Leonard: Guitar, Vocals

   Simon Tell had recorded three songs at Reg Macmichael's Studio with George Antoniak producing in 1992 and released a limited edition cassette EP called "Who the Hell is SIMON TELL", and also recorded 12 more songs at a home studio ADAT, and these songs were mixed by Steve Feindel at Solar Studio (1993). This full length recording to be titled "Junk Fables" was never released. Simon Tell performed around Nova Scotia in bars for a few years ( Pub Flamingo, Capri Club, and opened for Dalbello at the Misty Moon, etc) mixing covers with their own accessible originals, and was also a top 5 contestant in the Q104 Band contest in 1993, performing at the finals at the Misty Moon on Barrington Street ( the year RealWorld won it).


    EP Cassette:

     1992 Who the Hell is Simon Tell


     1993 Junk Fables (never released)

   Info From Tom Bona

Courtesy Of Tom Bona


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