The Sidewinders

Band Members:

Raymond Myers                     Sax
Jerry Holland                         Keyboards
Jerry Jenkins                          Guitar
Hank Anderson                      Bass
Alexander Link                      Flute
Reggie Barnes                        Drums
Jerry Ayers                            Trumpet


Track Listing:

Side 1
I Like To Dance (Miliz/BMI)
Time For Loving (Miliz/BMI)
A Voyage (Al Feeney/Col-U-Mario/CAPAC)
I Like Your Stuff (Miliz/BMI)

Side 2
Flat Foot Hustlin' (Miliz/BMI)
Gift To The Sun (Miliz/BMI)
Can't You Feel The Fire (Miliz/BMI)
A Voyage (Al Feeney/Col-U-Mario)

All selections composed by the musicians I listed above except "A Voyage" written by Al Feeney.
All songs produced by the Sidwinders except "I Like To Dance", "I Like Your Stuff" and "Can't You Feel The Fire" produced by Andrew Terry.
Recorded at Audio Atlantic, Halifax, NS.
Engineered by Grant Kennedy
Cover Design by Donald C. Gough
Write up on the back of the sleeve by Natalie McFarlane



Flatfoot Hustlin'

Info from Aimish Wallace