(NS Flag -- Reduced)


(NS Flag -- Reduced)
Nova Scotia Classic Rock

Shattered Image

   Original Line-up:

Laura Gillespie: Vocals
Pat O'Brien: Keyboards
Dave Juteau: Guitar, Vocals
Bernie McCorry: Bass
Gary Potts: Drums (69)

   Other Members:

Peter Arsenault: Drums (Replaced Potts)
Steve Jess: Drums (Replaced Arsenault)
Chris Munro: Drums (Replaced Steve Jess)
Mark Hubley: Bass (Replaced McCorry)
Chris Cromwell: Bass (Replaced Hubley)
Shane Hayden: Bass (Replaced Cromwell)
Steve Zatt: Guitar (Replaced Juteau)
David Juteau: Guitar(Returns to replace Zatt)

   Shattered Image were together in 1985-1986.

   Info From Pat O'Brien


Courtesy Of Pat O'Brien

Courtesy Of Pat O'Brien


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