Sandy Road

Alan Westlake                      Drums, Lead Vocals
David Dobson                       Lead Vocals
Sandy MacLean                   Organ
Bernard Amirault                 Lead Guitar
Junior Whynot                     Bass
Kirk Whynot                        Vocals
Vince Westlake                    Rhythm Guitar
Larry Sheridan                     Keyboards

David Dobson                       Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Alan Westlake                      Drums, Vocals
Bruce Dixon                         Bass, Vocals
John Lake                            Guitar, Vocals

Jim Rice                                Guitar, Vocals (Replaced Lake 1976)
Charlie Phillips                     Bass (Replaced Dixon 1977)
Dave Snyder                         Bass, Vocals (Replaced Phillips 1977)
Barry Woods                        Bass (Replaced Snyder 1977)
Dave Dobson                        Bass, Vocals (1977-1978
Tommy Wambolt                 Guitar (Replaced Rice 1978)
Jim Rice                               Guitar, Vocals (Rejoined 1978)


Based in a band house in Liverpool Nova Scotia, Sandy Road played the one-nighter circuit throughout the early to late-seventies. A large number of musicians passed through the band always leaving the nucleus of Dobson and Westlake intact. Of the many musicians that came and went, the most notable are John Lake (Snakeye) and Bruce Dixon (Oakley, Rita MacNeil).

Following Bruce Dixon's departure in February 1977 to form the legendary Oakley band, the band tried to replace the mega-talented Dixon but eventually settled into a 3-piece format with the multi-talented Dobson taking over bass chores. The final version of Sandy Road - Dobson, Westlake and Rice - became Rox with the addition of Haligonian Scott Rogers in the Fall of 1978.

Sandy Road's final gig was held at Queens Memorial Arena in their hometown of Liverpool in front of friends and family. The entire show was videotaped by the local cable TV company and aired on Liverpool cable channel 4 on September 20 1978 at 7 PM. The black and white program was called, "Last Concert Sandy Road".

Others shows airing during the broadcast on September 20 1978 on other channels included Barney Miller, Love Boat, Project UFO, Denny's Sho, Emergency One and Patsy Gallant.