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Nova Scotia Classic Rock


Paul Murray: Vocals
Scott MacFarlane: Bass, Vocals
Mike Smith: Guitar, Vocals
Jason Archibald: Guitar, Vocals
Troy Shanks: Drums

   Sandbox was formed by Mike Smith in New Glasgow in 1992. Originally named "SandBox Legacy" but Legacy was eventually dropped. They debuted with the 1993 indie EP,"Maskman". Their debut album Bionic was released on July 23, 1996. The album spawned their most well known single, "Curious", which reached No. 34 on Canada's RPM Singles chart and No. 8 on Canada's Alternative chart. The song also received regular airplay on Much Music. They were nominated for Best New Group at the Juno Awards of 1996. They also won three East Coast Music Awards.A second album, A Murder in the Glee Club was released in November 1997.



     1996 Collide (Nettwerk)

     1996 Curious (Nettwerk)

     1996 And The Mood Changes (Nettwerk)


     1993 Maskman


     1995 Bionic (Latitude)

     1995 Bionic (Latitude)

     1997 A Murder In The Glee Club (Nettwerk)

   Info from Tom Keay


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