Courtesy Of Alan Westlake

Band Members:

Alan Westlake                      Drums, Lead Vocals
David Dobson                       Bass, Lead Vocals
Jim Rice                                Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Scott Rogers                         Guitar, Vocals
Mike Prest                            Keyboards, Vocals
Dan Rydlewski                     Keyboards, Lead Vocals
Mike Leggat                         Keyboards, Vocals


The final version of Liverpool-based Sandy Road - Dobson, Westlake and
Rice - became Rox with the addition of Haligonian Scott Rogers in September
1978. The band played all over the Atlantic Provinces doing bars and
one-nighters. When Rice left the band in April 1979 and joined Titan, Rox
continued for a short period as a three-piece band before Dan
Rydlewski joined and this version of the band recorded the album, "A Matter Of
Time" in 1984. Former Molly Oliver keyboardist, Michael Leggat replaced Rydlewski. Rox played its last gig on New Year's Eve 1987.

Dobson, Westlake and Rogers reunited in 1992 for a couple of shows and
Dobson continues to play an active role in the Halifax music scene to this



1984 Shoot Out / One Day (Big Rox Records)



1984 A Matter of Time(Great Big Rox Records)

Info From Jim Rice, Mike Leggat and Danny McGrath