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(NS Flag -- Reduced)
Nova Scotia Classic Rock


   Original Line-up:

Jackie Smith: Lead Vocals
Steve Richard: Guitar, Vocals
Lee Dymburt: Guitar, Vocals
Brian Thomas: Bass, Vocals
Frank MacDonald: Drums

   Other Members:

Chris Brooks: Guitar
Chris Cromwell: Bass, Vocals
Jim (James) Polkinghorne: Bass, Vocals
Tim Hewitt: Bass, Vocals
Chad Conrad: Drums, Vocals
Kyle Miller: Drums, Vocals
Irvine Hennessy: Drums
Rob Smith: Drums (1985-87)
Ron Huestis: Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Steeve Hennessy: Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Guy Turner: Keyboards, Vocals
Mike Boyer: Keyboards, Vocals

   Current Line-up:

Jackie Smith: Lead Vocals
Steve Richard: Guitar
Peter Dolomont: Guitar, Vocals
Rob Smith: Drums
Neil MacKinnon: Keyboards, Vocals
Dana Westall: Bass, Vocals
Ian Fancy: Bass, Vocals (Replaced Westall 2022)

   Razorboy was the name of a Steely Dan song that Lee Dymburt suggested be use for the band he founded with Jackie Smith, Frank MacDonald, Steve Richard and Bryan Thomas back in 1981.

Courtesy Of Kenda Dolomont

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