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Nova Scotia Classic Rock

Ought To Be

Wayne Nicholson: Lead Vocals
George Antoniak: Guitar, Vocals
Maurice Nadeau: Drums
Pat Riley: Bass, Vocals
Todd Clarke: Keyboards
Sharon Berry: Lead Vocals (Replaced Nicholson)
Dave Gallant: Guitar, Vocals
Bill McCauley: Keyboards (Replaced Clarke)

   The band "Ought to Be" was formed and operated by Pat Riley, George Antoniak and Maurice Nadeau who were formerly in the band "Storm" in the early 1970's working out of PEI. When "Storm " broke up the three agreed to get back together in 10 years and 10 years later formed "02B".

   When Wayne Nicholson left the band to move out west he was replaced by former "The Spoons" (N.S. version), vocalist Sharon Berry for a short period of time.

   Info from Pat Riley

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