(NS Flag -- Reduced)


(NS Flag -- Reduced)
Nova Scotia Classic Rock


    1st line-up: (Jan. 1975 - Dec 1975)

Hal Bruce: Guitar, Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Glen Stroeder: Lead vocals, Percussion
Winston Hobbs: Bass
Bob Pierce: Drums
Emile Blinn: Drums (Replaced Pierce)

    2nd Line-up (June 1976 - Dec 1978)

Hal Bruce: Guitar, Lead Vocals
Darrell Adams: Drums, Backup Vocals
Jim Blackwood: Bass

    3rd Line-up: (May 1979 - 1981)

Hal Bruce: Guitars, Lead Vocals, Piano, Harmonica
Steve Hilchie: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Calvin Jakeman: Bass
Mike Crowley: Drums, Vocals
Jane Polkinghorne: Lead Vocals, (June 1980 - Nov 1981)

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