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Nova Scotia Classic Rock

Kenny Weeks And The Meteors/Compromise

Kenny Weeks: Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Reg Fisher: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Fisher: Drums
Derrick Le Lacheur: Trombone
Peter Ells: Drums
Ken MacDonald: Drums, Vocals
Blaine Jollimore: Sax
Tom Rusinak: Sax
Mark Cuming: Sax

   Based in Halifax Kenny Weeks and Reg Fisher played together for over fifty years. Several other musicians have been in the band. Kenny passed away in 2009 and Reg passed away in 2024.

Back L to R: Tommy Fisher, Kenny Weeks, Clint Eastwood, Reg Fisher, Derrick Le Lacheur

Photo Courtesy Of Fred Bushor

Back L to R: Kenny Weeks, Reg Fisher, Peter Ells, Blaine Jollimore

Photo Courtesy Of Stephen Marsh


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