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Nova Scotia Classic Rock

Lost And Found

Al Clarke: Bass, Vocals
Bob Boudreau: Drums, Vocals
David Hayes: Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
John (Bing) Muir: Rhythm guitar, Vocals
Wayne King: Lead Guitar
Courtney ?????????: Bass
Andrew Roy: Tambourine, Lights

   The band formed in 1966 actually started out as The Great Oaks but within a few months changed it to The Lost and Found. They played a few weddings and at the Oxford School Variety Show on May 2-3 of 1966 under The Great Oaks name.

   They went on to play at least one or two dances a week (sometime more) around the Halifax area and went on tours around Cape Breton and PEI. The Lost and Found played mainly cover songs of the time but had one original instrumental entitled "London Street".

   In 1967 Wayne King joined the band on lead guitar replacing John Muir which allowed David Hayes to move to rhythm guitar. In the fall of 1968 Al Clarke left the group to join the Military and a bass player by the name of Courtney took over his duties.

   The band split up in 1970.


   David Hayes currently plays in Loose Wires in Ontario. Al Clarke and Bob Boudreau (Al's Nephew) are currently with a local 50's and 60's group (along with Stephen Bordl) know as The Cellar Dwellers. Bob also plays with a blues band know as The Pigeon Heads.

   After the breakup of the Cellar Dwellers (original L&F members Bob Boudreau and Al Clarke were members), John (Bing) Muir was contacted and we formed a three piece group now playing out as Replay.

   The three original members of the Lost and Found are still playing a large selection of 50’s and 60’s oldies but have included so more up to date tunes as well.

Photos Courtesy Of Al Clarke

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