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Nova Scotia Classic Rock

Langley Beach Crowd

Frank Rhyno: Organ, Lead Guitar, Vocals
Doug McLean: Lead Vocals
Earl Moody: Drums
Tom Barnaby: Guitar, Vocals
Rodney Bent: Bass
Allard Barkhouse: Drums, Lead Vocals (Added)

 Other Members:

Steve Russell: Bass, Vocals
Ron Dillman: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Keith Coffin: Keyboards, Vocals

   The Langley Beach Crowd was from Nova Scotia's south shore and were together from 1967 to 1971. Future Snakeye drummer Allard Barkhouse was added and they had two drummers for a while until Moody left. When Rhyno stopped playing lead, Ron Dillman was added. Steve Russell replaced Bent due to Bent's young age as the band rarely played locally and were mostly on the road. They opened for the 5th Dimension at Saint Mary's University in 1968, as well as winning the 1968 Apple Blossom Festival's battle of the bands. They had a record contract offer but something fell through and it didn't happen.

   Info From Steve Marsh and Frank Rhyno

Photo Taken By Michael McCoy

Courtesy Of Richard Wallace

Courtesy Of Sandy Bain

Photo Taken By Michael McCoy

Courtesy Of Cletus Bellefontaine

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