Band Members:

Chad Campbell                      Lead Vocals, Guitar
Ron Melanson                       Guitar, vocals
Sean P McKenna                   Drums
Garth J Blake                        Bass
Kevin "Toad" Saulnier          Keyboards, vocals


Jack Butler formed in Feb 1991,  as a weekend band. After releashing the EP, "Sex, Lies and Audio Tape", and extensive touring throughout North America, they relocated to Toronto.  The band had major interest from Warner and A & M Records, but the typical infighting caused Butler to call it quits in Feb 94.  

All of the members have gone on to other things including Saulnier's stint in Nelly Furtado's touring band, and McKenna's latest project Kapyr.  They managed to get a lot in in four short years, including 7 tours of Canada, recording with members of Rik Emmitt of Triumph's band, headlining such famous venues as the Gasworks in Toronto, Sam's in Niagara Falls,  and Oliver's in Hamilton.  As well, in March 93 they had a European top ten hit with the song "I Want Your Sex".



Sex, Lies And Audio Tape