(NS Flag -- Reduced)


(NS Flag -- Reduced)
Nova Scotia Classic Rock


John MacKinnon (aka Skins): Lead Vocals
John McPherson: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Francis Hawco: Bass, Vocals
Joe Menchefski: Keyboards
Dennis Swan: Drums and Percussion
Paul Courage: Keyboards (replaced Menchefski)
Carole Lee Boutilier: Keyboards (replaced Courage)
Mark Wright: Drums and Percussion (replaced Swan)
Dennis Grant: Vocals, Guitar (replaced MacKinnon)

 Intruder was a Sydney based Top 40 cover band which did everything from Chalk Circle to Icehouse to April Wine. They went through a few lineup changes over the years and played mainly in the industrial area of Cape Breton, particularly Sydney, North Sydney and Sydney Mines. Paul Morrison was the man behind the boards who on many nights gave the band moral and immoral support. They could be seen frequently at the Crow Pub, Monty's, Rollie's Wharf and other fine establishments.

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