(NS Flag -- Reduced)


(NS Flag -- Reduced)
Nova Scotia Classic Rock


Blane Touesnard: Lead Vocals
Aaron Sampson: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Nearing: Electric Guitars
Mike Fougere: Bass
David "Lee" Waugh: Keyboards
Darryl Gaines: Drums

 Halifax, Nova Scotia's I.C.U. managed to attract the attention of Sue Medley's manager, Marion Donnelly, who wrangled them a deal with A & M Records for their Celtic/Country/Rock hybrid. The result was an album called 'Stand On Your Own' in 1992. A small promotional tour through Quebec and Ontario on the heels of their first video for the single "A Different Place" and the band returned to Halifax. The band kept at it until November 1995.



   1992 A Different Place (A&M/Polygram)

   1992 Yeah Yeah No No (A&M/Polygram)


   1992 Stand On Your Own (A&M/Polygram)Discography:

 Info from Tom Keay

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