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Nova Scotia Classic Rock


Corey Matheson: Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Keyboards
Scott Higgins: Bass, Vocals
Rob Yuill: Drums, Vocals
Nick Bevan-John: Lead Vocals, Guitar

   Haggis was formed in Truro, Nova Scotia Canada in the spring of 1986. Corey Matheson and Rob Yuill influenced by their parents record collection and bands like the Ramones began jamming in their parents basements and garages. The band underwent a number of changes during the first few years, it wasn't until 1991 until the final lineup was complete. This is when Corey's long lost cousin Scott Higgins joined the band on bass guitar. The band kicked around Halifax and Truro and recorded an EP in 1993 that made the top 40 on many campus stations within Canada. In 1995 Haggis signed to the indie label Pleasant Street records. They released Last Drag in August of 1996 and shot a video for the song Sensuous Woman. Last Drag also charted on numerous campus stations. Former Nebraska memeber Nick Bevan-John joined the band in 1996.



     1996 Last Drag (Pleasant Street Records)

   Info From Corey Matheson

Courtesy Of Corey Matheson

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