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Nova Scotia Classic Rock


John Duncan MacKenzie: Guitar, Vocals
Henry Lewis: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards,Vocals
John Muirhead: Drums, Vocals
Pat McFarlane: Keyboards, Vocals
Barry Ryan: Lead Guitar
Emma Lee Boulter: Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Wayne Nicholson: Lead Vocals, Flute
Greg "Pisch" Fancy: Bass

   This pictou county band formed in 1980 and released it's first single "Love Rock And Roll/Baby I'm Comin' Home" in 1981. This record featured the original line-up of Henry Lewis, John Duncan MacKenzie, John Muirhead, Pat MacFarlane and Truro native Barry Ryan (The Lincolns, Southbound). In the fall of 1982 Emma Lee Boulter was added to the line-up after MacFarlane and Ryan left the band due to work commitments. Boulter stayed until June of 1983 when she left to form "Citizen" with "Spoons " guitarist John Geddes.

   In the summer of 1983 the band released the "Cheater/ See You In The Fall" single featuring Wayne Nicholson (Horse, Oakley) on lead vocals and Gregg "Pisch" Fancy (Horse, Wild Child Blues Band) on bass. Nicholson and Fancy left the band in the fall of that year and Lewis, MacKenzie and Muirhead returned to the studio to record the band's final single "Girl" which was on both sides of the record.

   During the band's career they were managed by Sandy Dobson and booked by Brookes Diamond. The Band play it's last show in January of 1984. In August of 2000 the band reunited sans Nicholson at the New Glasgow Jubilee.



     1981 Love Rock And Roll/Baby I'm Comin' Home (Media City Records)

     1983 Cheater/See You In The fall (Media City Records)

     1983 Girl (Media City Records)

   Info from James Stewart and Paul Taylor

   E-mail I Received:

   Horse came through Edmonton in September 1976 and Wayne Nicholson stayed at our band house and jammed for a few days. We tried our best to get him to stay but with no luck. However, on the way home Horse broke up in the car driving through Quebec and Wayne returned to Edmonton and we started what would become Granfalloon. The name came from a book lying on top in a box of books at Bob Ego's house and it stuck. The band had a very short and dramatic life and broke up after only 4 gigs. I have a live recording on my website:Walker Entertainment Catalog 2


Bob Walker


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