The Gladiators

Art Amos                                  Lead Guitar
Gary Stanhope                         Drums, Vocals
Paul Stanhope                          Bass, Vocals
Carmen MacDonald                Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Bill Leblanc                              Keyboards, Vocals-1
Wally Comeau                         Keyboards-2  

The Gladiators were a cover band formed in Amherst as Gary and the Beltones in 1964.  The name changed in 1965 and the core band of Gary, Art, Carmen and Paul played in Northern NS and NB until 1966 when Bill joined as a singer and Keyboard player.  Wally came on Board when Bill went to the Raspberry Cloud. This version of the Gladiators played consistently until they turned pro and moved to Charlottetown in February of 1968.  Bill returned while the band was playing on the Island.  The group disbanded in the spring of 1970.  Gary went on to form Grey Owl with Floyd King and Kevin McMichael; and then on to Madhash With Jim Ledgerwood.  Paul is currently working with Ron Dillman, Gerry Albert and Alan Stanhope in a retro band  - Time Bandits .