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Nova Scotia Classic Rock

Barry Gilmour

Barry Gilmour: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Songwriter
David Roberts: Harmony Vocals
Brian Frail: Bass
Kurt Haughn: Keyboards
John Tate: Keyboards
Peter Large: Drums
Mike Nelson: Lead Guitar

   In 1977 songwriter Barry Gilmour recorded three songs with the above line-up at Solar Audio (engineered by Harold Tsistinas) and Audio Atlantic (engineered by Al Feeney) with Wayne Stay producing. "Love Song For A Friend" went to # 3 on the CJCH AM record charts and was in full rotation for a whole month. Barry was one of the first local artists to actually get on full rotation and to chart on CJCH. "The Party" was played constantly on CFDR. CHNS also had "Love Song For A friend" on full rotation as well as many radio stations through out the Maritimes.



     1977 Love Song For A Friend/The Party/Let It Rain (Solar, Audio Atlantic)

   Written From Info from: Barry Gilmour

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