Fire Rooster

Courtesy Of Tom Bona

Band Members:

Dave Roberts                          Lead Vocals, Keys, Guitar
Bruce Nelson                          Guitar, Vocals
Adam Dowling                        Drums
Paul O'Brien                           Bass
Tom Bona                                Drums, Vocals (Replaced Dowling)


Atlantica Recording act, Fire Rooster rose from the ashes of cover band Bats in the Belfry ( formally the Trees) in 1994. Fire Rooster's CD was recorded with Adam Dowling on drums, and Tom Bona replaced Adam just as the band was to release the CD. Dave Roberts and Bruce Nelson ( Titan, The Trees) were the main song writers, and the recording included a song called River of Tears ( co-written with Ron Hynes). The band made and released a few videos, one for 'River', and another for 'Red Moon Over Memorial'. Fire Rooster tour the Maritimes in their own 5 tonne truck with full production ( PA and Lights) even into 1994, with mainstay gigs at BlueJeans in Corner Brook, and the Palace in Halifax. ECMA Nominees and showcased at St. John's ECMA 1994.




1994 Fire Rooster (Atlantica)


Info from Tom Bona