(NS Flag -- Reduced)


(NS Flag -- Reduced)
Nova Scotia Classic Rock


Peter Ettinger: Lead Vocals
Paul Craig: Guitar
Steve Hennessey: Keyboards/Guitar/Bass
Nico ???????: Drums
Mike ???????: Bass
Robert Fricke: Drums
Paul (OB) O’Brien: Bass
Wally Hall: Keyboards
Irvine Hennessey: Drums

   Ettinger was formerly known as Drama. Like most local bands, they went through many lineup changes through the years. They were a very entertaining group, and they drew large crowds every time they played, whether at the New Palace or the Misty Moon. Predominantly a cover band, they also wrote and performed some original tunes. A move to the west coast, in the hopes of giving them their ‘big break’, produced a break of a different kind as the band split up. Peter Ettinger has since reformed the band, with different players, and plays out on the west coast. Unfortunately Peter Ettinger passed away after getting hit by a pick-up truck on August 25, 2020 in Anchorage, Alaska at the age of 59.

Info and Photos From Erin O'Connell and Sandra Saunders


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