Double Talk

Courtesy Of Jim Rice

Band Members:

Mike Dimitri                        Vocals and Various Instruments
John Noseworthy                 Keyboards, Vocals


Double Talk consisted of Mike Dimitri and John Noseworthy. Dimitri was born
in Selma, Alabama and raised in Connecticut; he worked throughout the United
States before moving to Eastern Canada in the early '80s. In 1981, Michael
won four quarter-final awards and one semi-final award in the American Song
Festival. His song, "Care For The Children" was chosen to be the theme song
for CBC's Children's Miracle Network Telethon.

The band began when Dimitri found a solid writing partner in keyboardist
John Noseworthy. They spent months collaborating on a strong repertoire with
which to approach the major record labels. Their EP, released late in 1986,
had the slick and professional sound that was comparable to North America's
best. The five tracks were mostly played and sung by the two with some added
assistance from local players such as Bruce Dixon and George Antoniak. It
was recorded at Solar Recording Studio, Halifax and was engineered by Don

Information from 1986 press packet



1986 Double Talk (Backstage Audio)

Info From Jim Rice

Courtesy Of Jim Rice