Break Point


Band Members:

Barry Gilmour                             Vocals, Guitar
Danny Sutherland                        Bass
Scotty MacLean                           Drums
Ron LeBlanc                                Drums (Replaced MacLean)
Jamie Stewart                              Lead Guitar
Jeff Lowe                                     Vocals, Bass
Michael Chadwick                       Keyboards, Midi


Band was based out of Antigonish. The Single "Now and Forever" was released in 1996. It got heavy rotation on Port Hawkesbury's "The Hawk" radio station 101.5 FM  and Antigonish's  CJFX. The band also appeared on ASN's Breakfast Television.  Reunion CD planned to be recorded in Alberta in the summer of 2012 with all or most of previous members involved plus the possibility of Danny Bowers on Bass and vocals as well as Dan Sutherland on bass for some tracks. Plan is to record old material and a number of new songs to be mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London England. Release date hopefully before Christmas 2012.



1996 Now And Forever


Info from Barry Gilmour