The Black Kats

Courtesy Of Earl Luffman

Johnny Boutilier                     Guitar, Vocals
Earl Luffman                          Drums, Sax
Louis Aker                              Lead Guitar
JimmieWassislaskus                Piano
John Edmunds                       Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
George MacDonald                 Drums
Richard Sheehan                     Sax, Steel Guitar
Eddy Paris                               Bass

The Black Kats formed in the spring of 1958 and were the first strictly rock and roll band formed in Cape Breton. Original line-up consisted of Boutilier, Aker, Wassislaskus, Edmunds and Luffman. Luffman played drums on the fast songs and sax on the slow ones. Jimmie Wassislaskus' playing with the band depended on whether or not there was a piano in the hall they were playing in. They played at all the halls in Glace Bay, North Sydney, New Waterford and as far away as the Greenwood Air Force Base. MacDonald and Paris joined the band in 1959 after Luffman left to pursue his career. Eddy Paris was the first bass player in CapeBreton who owned an electric bass.

The band was together until the end of the summer of 1963.