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Nova Scotia Classic Rock

The Badd Cedes

L-R Brian Ahern, Ken Tobias, Jamie Piers, John Redmond and Michael Ahern.

Photo provided by Joel Zemel courtesy of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Brian Ahern: Lead Guitar
John Redmond: Bass
Ken Tobias: Drums
Bruce MacFarlane: Guitar, Vocals
Steven Rhymer: Guitar (Replaced MacFarlane)
Jamie Piers: Vocals
Michael Ahern: Guitar


 The Badd Cedes was one of three bands guitarist Brian Ahern was playing in as well as being music director on the TV show Singalong Jubilee where he first met singer Anne Murray. The band had a recording deal with Verve Forecast in the United States whom they recorded a couple of singles for using the name "Chapter V". They changed their name because there was another band called "The Bad Seeds". They recorded their demos at the CBC in Halifax and recorded the singles in Toronto when they were based there. Norman Calp (later the original drummer in Soma) played drums on the "Chapter V" singles. The band was later based in Ottawa using the name "Elizabeth".

 After moving to Toronto Brian Ahern produced and played everything except the strings on Anne Murray’s international smash hit “Snowbird” after getting her a record deal with Capitol Records. After he moved to the States he went on to produce several country artist including Emmylou Harris (who he married), Ricky Skaggs, George Jones and several others.

 Ken Tobias went on to record several albums and well as writing songs for other artists including The Bells’ “Stay Awhile”. For more info on Ken check out his site .

 Steven Rhymer went on to become a well known songwriter, writing for Emmylou Harris, Anne Murray and others.

 John Redmond is involved in music publishing.



 1967 Dolly's Magic / The Sun Is Green (Verve-Forecast)

 1967 Dolly's Magic / Headshrinker (Verve-Forecast)

 Info from Brian Ahern, Joel Zemel, Jim Rice, Ken Tobias.

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