(NS Flag -- Reduced)


(NS Flag -- Reduced)
Nova Scotia Classic Rock


    Original Band:

Jim Todd: Lead Guitar (1977-90)
Frank Boutilier: Keyboards
Garfield White: Drums
Ed Harris: Lead Vocals, Guitar (1977-80)
Rick Sebola: Sax
John Manning: Bass


    Other Members:

Pat Richards: Lead Vocals (Replaced Harris)
Earl Grazee: Bass (Replaced Manning)
Jim McMullin: Drums (Replaced White)
Scot Frail: Trumpet

   A top 40 cover act from the Hfx-Dartmouth area, Amos formed in 1977 and played the local circuit primarily - Surf Club, Billy Club, Dick Turpins, Fleet Club, Windsor Park, Split Crow, Elbow Room, Your Fathers Moustache, most of the various Legions and many other places.

   At their peak they played about 120 nights per year (which equates to 2 or 3 gigs almost every week of the year). Although they may not have been considered a full time band, Amos remained busy and popular enough to get booked pretty much whenever they wanted.

   The groups name came from Ed Harris (brother of Jackie Harris), it was a nod to SOMA -> AMOS spelled backwards. *Some cool local trivia if nothing else. Also, Garfield White is the brother of Jimmy White (of the 5 Sounds, CNS, Pepper Tree, Snakeye).

   One of the hilights Amos had band wise was being asked to play the Argyle Street party, during the 80's in front of Cheers downtown Hfx, for two years in a row for Natal Day celebrations. Crowd size was estimated to be 15,000!

L-R: 1979 Frank, Jim, Garfield, John, Ed, Rick

Back Row: Jim Todd, Garfield White, Ed Harris

Front Row: Rick Sebola, Frank Boutilier, John Manning

Photos Courtesy of and Bio Written by Stephen Marsh



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