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(NS Flag -- Reduced)
Nova Scotia Classic Rock

Tonnes of Tongues

(Early to Late 1980s)

Wendell Frauzel: Guitar and Vocals
James Crouse: Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Rob (Rocket) D'Eon: Bass
Tim Frauzel: Drums and Vocals

    This Bridgewater band's name came from the mother of the Frauzel brothers when she was heard to exclaim after opening a freezer one day: "My God, there're tonnes of tongues in here". (Their father was a fishing boat captain.)

    After T.O.T. disbanded, Tim drumed with George Antoniak and Brian Bourne in the final iteration of "The Press". He and James then joined Domino for the first six years or so of the 1990s.

    Today, James plays mainly acoustic in the Halifax area, and Tim and a couple of school teachers play in "The Usual Suspects" in Bridgewater.

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