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Nova Scotia Classic Rock

Full Circle

Scott Cheverie: Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Paul Ranson: Guitar
Steve Matheson: Guitar
Sandy Beagan: Keys and Lead Vocals
Reese Nearing: Bass
Mark Peddle: Bass
Jim Bond: Bass
Randy Knott: Bass
Tim Hopton: Bass
Dave McPherson: Bass
Dennis Easton: Bass
Rob Crewe : Bass
Gil Roy: Drums
Bobby Fisher: Drums
Peter Jeffery: Drums
Sean McKenna: Drums
Terry Mosher: Drums

    Full Circle played The Maritimes on and off from 1992 until 2012 under the leadership of Scott Cheverie with constant bandmate Sandy Beagan and several other musicians. Drummer Gordie Roche also filled in on a couple of occasions.

    The band recorded several originals over 20 years, none of which was released much to the band’s disappointment. Two songs did appear on a C100 “Live And Unplugged At Your Father’s Mustache” CD. They also appeared on Breakfast Television several times. Several songs are available on Youtube and Soundcloud.

    On a sad note Scott Cheverie went into the hospital in December 2012 and passed away there on March 4/2013 from complications from MS at the age of 50.

    Info from Sandra Lee MacDonald AKA Sandy Beagan.

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